I uttered my voice in the Streets

I preached abroad, cried out at the head of the multitudes, and at the entrance of the gates of  the city.  And millions swarmed to me.  I got, like 20 million hits, crashed the server.  The populace swelled up in love of my voice.  From nothing I rose.  The electronic properties of silicon made it possible.  The silicon remembers what you said, like the magnetic tape recorder, and using electromagnetic waves your signal is transmitted instantly to all the nations.

I’m not sure where this is going to lead, but

Here Beginneth the Treatise Entitled Aurora Consurgens

All good things came to me together with her, that Wisdom of the South, who preacheth abroad, who uttereth her voice in the streets, crieth out at the head of the multitudes, and in the entrance of the Gates of the City uttereth her words, saying:  Come ye to me and be Enlightened, and your efforts shall not be confounded — all ye that desire me shall be filled with my riches.  Therefore come, children, hearken to me — I will teach you the Science of God.

This treatise from the alchemical tradition was believed by Carl Jung to have been written by Saint Thomas Aquinas at the end of his life, about 1274.  This also marks the era in which Christian civilization peaked in its striving for spiritual heights and turned its gaze outward to the material world, which turn eventually gave birth to the world we know.


Electronic Fire

The impossibility of blogging revolves around my innermost thoughts profaned and trampled in the nameless streets of silicon, metal and materials science harnessing nature subject to brutish animal cognition inflated by instantaneous access.  The Salamander is the legendary beast immune to fire.  I blog because I believe I can withstand electronic fire, presumably.