A Voting Story, and My Video Game

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Fact: People like to read. Therefore, if I wrote something, people would be happy.
Fact: I’ve been thinking about writing something for days.
Fact: When I sat down yesterday with writing a post in mind, I felt like I would be forcing it, like I wasn’t quite ready.
Fact: (as if this weren’t obvious) I don’t really know what I am going to say.

So really, you and I are faced with a situation in which I don’t know what I’m going to say. Yet, I believe that people enjoy it when I write.
Of course I could disappoint you by writing something of poor quality.
Question: Should I worry about that?
Fact: I’m probably not disappointing anyone even if I am writing badly. Bad writing can only do so much damage.
Fact: Unknown people with few connections should be less concerned about their reputations than well known or well-connected people.

So, which is more important — my personal voice — or the danger of my posting something inferior? I guess it’s my voice.
Question: Can writing a blog post which examines the validity of writing a blog post, actually be an example of good writing? What if it exposes deep inner ambiguity in its writer, like this one does? Well, hey, I do talk about Jesus a lot. And I talk about him because he is a man of deep inner ambiguity. I guess it depends on whether you like deep inner ambiguity!


Now I want to talk about a few things on the surface of life. The first is a funny story. I stopped by my friend Christine’s house today. I told her that I had voted. But then I saw the look in her face, and I let her know it was an accident.

See, what happened was, I had stopped by the library to get a drink of water, and I saw there were poll loiterers. So then I peeked in, to see who was there and I saw someone I knew, so I said Hi. It turned out I was registered, one thing led to another, and so, whatever, I voted. I can still smell the booth. But I think I learned my lesson.

The next story is a bit more personal — I realized that my video game is going to be about the mental health system.

I’ve been trying to figure out what my game is going to be about for a long time, and I finally have it! The mental health system (MHS) is a concrete presence in our actual reality, but it’s very complicated and very strange — as strange as a fantasy world, the kind you typically encounter in role-playing games. It would make a great enemy for a team of heroes — wizard, warrior, priest, scantily-clad whore. The MHS would be the institutionalized evil oppressing the land. I haven’t figured out who the arch-villain is yet, though, but it’s fun to think about.

That’s it. Have a nice day.