It Seems Like I’m Writing a Book

I think I’m writing a book. My confidence in myself is low enough that I am seeking help from a “higher power”. Therefore I say that if I write the book it will be because the higher power allowed it. Regardless of the provable existence of the higher power, I can’t escape the psychological benefit of approaching my task from this perspective.

I have a work schedule which will keep me focused for a few months, writing every day without too much editing. Right now that’s all I have. I am a little scared that once I have my first draft I won’t know what to do. The higher power will have to devise a plausible next step. But it makes sense that I don’t know. After all, if I can keep up the same schedule for a few months, it will be as much as I’ve ever done before, and planning beyond that seems unrealistic.

I have to keep a secret what the book will be about for now.


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