I stare blankly at the fire while it stirs my imagination. I lose my concentration and choke on a cloud of smoke.

I got obsessed with the notion of Saving the World at about twenty years of age. After going through the hell of being rejected by society and family, I tried to find something which wouldn’t compromise my values.

So far, this blog and my youtube channels are the only things I’ve found.





6 thoughts on “Hypnotize

  1. The longing to be recognized as an individual is in constant battle with our ancient need to belong to something bigger than us, like a community. To bad there is no sense of community any longer and we identify with whatever is available… our cars, our religious affiliation, our schools, our political parties, our banks, our health insurance companies, our drugs, our illnesses… the markers people give us ADD, OCD, Bipolar, FAT, senior citizen, tennis player, divorcee. Why can’t I just be me? My favorite lately – my friend calls me a “lapse catholic.” There is nothing I want to be farther away from than the catholic church so my so-called friend attaches this moniker to me – “lapsed catholic.” What a shame she can only identify me with what she knows or thinks is true.

  2. I’m going to have to make Hypnotize a regular blog post, with too many more comments! I want this to be summary of my blog, like the About page, but I haven’t mastered WordPress’s menu system just yet…

  3. I used to be all sorts of crappy at video games. Well games period actually. The one I’ve gotten great at is Clue. It’s a game that thinks like I do… Yes I know, scary. Thing is I guess people will have to love me for who I am instead of what I do.. since it’s all about me lol

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