Lecture by Edward F. Edinger

I don’t want to bump my own lecture down on my blog, so I’m mentioning it again here. See the previous blog post for the links.

For many years, one of my big heroes has been Jungian analyst Edward F. Edinger (died 1998), but information about him on the internet has been¬†very¬†hard to find. I have recently discovered that the San Diego Friends Of Jung has posted two audio recordings of his lectures on youtube. In this age of screens and sounds, only being able to read Edinger’s books made me wish for something more, which I now have. Here’s the link to the first one:

Edward Edinger – Individuation: A Myth for Modern Man

I’m hoping the lecture speaks for itself. The most important point to bear in mind if you don’t understand what he’s saying is that in my opinion, he is one of the people who goes deep without making excuses or seeing the world from rosy-colored glasses. If you’re a deep person like I think I am, most “deep” people have facades of some sort. It’s rare for me to find anyone who can confront the harsh realities we really face while still connecting it with the long course of history. Without people like Edward Edinger, Joseph Campbell, and others, I would not be able to sustain my own investigations, because there would be no living precedent for that path for me.

He’s also a really good case study of an extreme introvert, too. His genius is applied to his material in a way I think only an extreme introvert is capable of.